Saturday, 19 October 2013

Synchronicity Road Blocks

To follow coincidences in life you have to have at least some trust in the Universe.  Perhaps this trust lies in the fact that Something out there may know more than you.  This Something will guide you along your life's path if you give It permission.  Trust is that permission.

When I am following guidance I feel wonderful.  I feel connected to the Universe.  I feel like an important player in the flow of life.  These are the times when I really understand the deeper meaning behind the saying, 'Go With The Flow'.  During these times life seems easier, beautiful and more amazing.  Sometimes; however, even with my best attempts to follow and interpret coincidences, I hit Road Blocks.  BAnG! 

Road Blocks are tricky and can be a bit challenging.  They can occur instantly or they can sneak in unnoticed over a period of time. 

Road Blocks often do not feel that great.  They can bring negative emotions with them; sadness, anger, regret, disappointment, confusion, longing, restlessness...  It is natural to want these feeling to go away.  But wait!  Hang on.  Considered for a moment that they might be here as a form of help.

Personally, I tend to freak out a bit at the start of every Road Block.
"I paid attention to all the synchronicity !", I would exclaim.
"I followed all the prompts." 
"I trusted and did what was required." 
"Where did I go wrong?!"
"Why do I still feel stuck?"
"Life, how could you have let me down?"

If any of these sound familiar, please read on.

The Freak Out period is followed by a period of coming to terms with the fact that unblocking the Road Block might be far more helpful than continually fighting it.


Step 1.  Find the Root of You Feelings
You can get as involved with this step as you want.  It can take 5 minutes as a brief self check-in, or it can go into a longer meditation.

-Determine what concoction of feelings is inside you.  How does it feel?  Do not panic if it does not feel that great.  You have just completed the first, very important step!

-Pull apart this concoction to determine individual feelings. Feeling the combination is important.  Feeling them individually is just as important.  You need to try to determine where these feelings are coming from.  Sometimes by isolating the feeling you can get to the Root (event) that is causing this feeling.

-Here is a trick to figuring out the Root of a feeling. 
Put yourself in a safe, quite space.  It does not have to be fancy, as long as you know you are comfortable and safe. 
These feelings are here to teach your something.  Pretend that they are your friends in disguise.  To your best ability, manifest within you a feeling of friendship towards the feelings and yourself.

-Close your eyes and invite the feeling/s in.  You do not need to strain yourself.  Just feel the feeling/s as much as you can and ask them to talk to you. 
Some questions you might like to ask:
Where did you come from?  What are you here to say?  What can I learn from you? 

-The answers may come to you that moment or a bit later on.  They often come in the most surprising ways, so stay open!

Step 2. Ask for Help
You do not need to believe in anything or anyone to do this step.  Just believe in yourself!  Even if you are at a point where you do not believe in yourself, pretend you do.

-Ask for help and guidance. 
This is exactly what it sounds like.  You can scream out for help on top of the mountain or silently ask for it in your head before bed.  How you choose to do it is entirely up to you.  There is NO wrong.  Whatever feels right to your is correct.

-It is  important to be sincere and open.

-This process opens you up to possibility of something happening that has not already.  This is you giving your permission.

Asking welcomes in magick!

Step 3. Let Go
When the time is right and you have come to terms with the lesson of the Road Block I find it is important to be thankful for the lesson and move on by letting everything go.

I can not tell you what will happen next, nor how long you will need to work on the Road Block.  I can only encourage you to keep trying and to keep listening for the answers.

Sometimes you will find yourself realizing that the reason for this Road Block is that somewhere along the way you actually went slightly 'off course'.  These can be very important experiences and you should not be hard on yourself.  Simply guide yourself gently back to where you feel good again.  If you do not know how yet, ask for help.

Other times you will not be able to find anything "off" in your situation at all.  Every sign will be pointing to you still being on the right track.  You may feel ready to go on in life with a particular situation, but no opportunities have been presenting themselves no matter what you do.  For some of us this can be very confusing, frustrating and can even cause some to loose faith in the entire process.  Do not despair.  If you are being told that this is where you are suppose to be then trust.  Maybe you are waiting for just the right synchronicity?  Perhaps there is something you are not seeing?

Or maybe the Universe is waiting on you?  Yes, YOU!  Sometimes we need to make the first step in order to keep going and the Universe gives us time to figure ourselves out and gather up the courage.  Whatever it may be, do not forget to ask for help and guidance.

Asking is you giving your permission to receive help.  This is a very important detail that is often over looked. 

The closer you get to going through a Road Block the more Fear you encounter.  Fear is very good at camouflaging so watch for it often.  When you see it you are almost there!   

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