Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Planning for the Future is Now

I am learning how to enjoy more of my life today.  One of my practices is to have Intentions for the future, not Plans.  Since tomorrow never comes, the idea is to plan to Enjoy Today instead of Enjoy Tomorrow.

In a year from now, I will be a different me. 
In a year from now, I hope to learn new ways of doing, living, understanding, seeing, … 
In a year from now, I hope to be a little bit wiser.

So how could Today’s Me plan a better future for the slightly wiser Future Me?  My amount of wisdom today is the highest I have ever had so far.  I will use it to plan my day today.  Making plans today for a year from now will produce a plan with one year less of experience.  The Future Me might go, “What was I thinking?!”  The Future Me would do a much better plan for herself IN THE FUTURE. 

So enjoy your moments as they happen.  Plan for today to be the Best Day of Your Life.  Have great intentions for the future and act as opportunities arise.  Grow, do not hold yourself back.  Let the Future (wiser) You take care of tomorrow.

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