Sunday, 1 March 2015

How Emotions Can Influence Our Health

Letting go of feelings is a natural process which helps us stay connected to the Flow of Life.

Positive feelings feel amazing.  Many people enjoy expressing positive feelings for that reason.  It just feels good.

Feelings born in the tummy flow out freely when one feels good.

When negative emotions are involved the process of expressing them does not always seem as simple.

In order to express a feeling we first need to feel it, and many of us would rather not feel the negative feelings.  Instead we decided to suppress them, in hopes that we will never have to deal with them.  Some people get really good at suppressing all or part of their feelings.  This traps the feelings inside ourselves.  As more emotions are piled internally on top of each other we start to run out of room.  The emotions start to find other ways of escaping causing all sorts of mental and physical symptoms to their human.  We may find ourselves having to spend more and more energy managing the great collection of emotions within us instead of putting that energy into other things.
We sever our smooth connection to Life's Flow.  

We can not suppress our emotions all our lives.  Eventually we run out of internal storage room and they find a different way of escaping.  There are natural, healthy ways to release emotion.  Suppressed emotions can cause mental and physical strain to their human.

There is no need to panic...

Part of our life mission is to learn how to deal with our feelings to the best of our ability.

It is easy to start and we do not need anything special or expensive.

All we need to do is to start consciously feeling our emotions.  Even if we can not manage to stay present for what we feel in the moment a feeling is conceived, we can always revisit that moment later on, in a more comfortable space.

It is very helpful to accept that this process may not feel pleasant at first, 
but still to commit to a positive, new outcome.

A more in depth post on how to learn and manage emotions is right HERE.

In my personal life...

I feel most of my emotions start out of my stomach and rise up with my breath to escape through my head.  (Hence the illustrations.)
Maybe this happens differently for others.

Depending on my state of mind, body and soul combined, sometimes I would feel certain feelings get stuck on their way out; in my chest, in my throat.  Paying attention to how I feel in my body, mind and soul is a new practice for me.  Prior to this all my life I had other cooping mechanisms.  Suppressing emotions was one of them.  Eventually my stomach started to get "eaten" away by them.  Pretty much literally.  Many things in my body stopped working properly and I got really sick.  This was my encouragement to pay attention.  Which is what I am learning how to do now and slowly healing my tummy.

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