Friday, 1 November 2013

The Intuitive GPS Game

Here is a fun game to play that strengthens your intuition and leads you in the right direction (with practice).

Have you ever looked for a building you have seen before, but once at the correct street you become uncertain of where exactly it is after all?  Or, have you been hungry in a new city, but clueless of where to go for a meal?  Perhaps you have gotten lost trying to locate an address in an unfamiliar part of town?  The next time you wish for a GPS or a Google search give this little trick a try.

The Intuitive GPS Game Instructions

  1. Pause.  You need to stop in a safe place and relax for a moment.

  2. Clear your mind and your heart.  This way you can be a clear sender and receiver of messages.

  3. Close your eyes.  This helps with focus.

  4. Set an intention.  Where do you want to get to?  What do you want to find?

  5. Imagine yourself the center of the universe, but visualize this universe blank and empty.  

  6. As you stand in this blank universe, notice if you are pulled any which way.  Follow the pull.
The pull may lead you into the right physical direction or to an image or thought.

  7. Pay attention to any feelings, thoughts, images that may come up.

  8. Once you have a hunch on where to go follow your guidance to see where it leads! 
Trust the answers, remember it is just a game.

Everybody’s intuition speaks to them in a bit of a different way.  For example, since I am naturally a very visual person I often visualize in my mind’s eye the pathway I should take.  Clues that may be helpful to my situation often appear to me in pictures when I close my eyes.  You may work a bit differently, perhaps you will hear a name, or read a word or have the answer just appear in you mind.   Do not judge, everything counts.

When you play this game, try not to set expectations, just let things happen and follow those hunches. 

Have fun!

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