Friday, 1 November 2013

Using My Internal GPS in Taupo, New Zealand

Prior to starting his work contract in October, Matt and I decided to take a quick getaway to the DeBretts hot springs in Taupo.  For this little retreat we decided not to plan, but just go and see what happens.

The sun has long set once we arrived into Taupo.  As we started driving into the city centre we quickly realized that this resort town had many accommodations on offer.  We immediately had a lot of questions: 
Where should we stay? 
Would every place have a mini fridge for our food? 
Which hotels were in our budget?  
Which hotels were comfy and clean with a great satisfaction rating? 

All good questions, but no quick answers. 
We have been in the car for a few hours now and were not excited about jumping out 25 times at every hotel to interview the reception staff and compare. 

What a perfect opportunity to use our Intuitive GPS!!

After safely parking the car, we both closed our eyes and played the game.  Matt felt extra exhausted that evening and could not focus well so he decided that we will go with whatever I would come up with. 

Oooh the pressure! 

I followed my own advice.  Relaxing and clearing my mind, I set my intention for a wonderful room that will be the perfect relaxation hideout for our 3 days here.  Before I could even completely relax an image of a cobra strongly popped into my mind.  I pushed it aside, thinking, “What nonsense, I am relaxing here.”  However, the image stayed with me, I could not clear it.  Despite the fact that seeing a cobra at night, in New Zealand, while looking for a hotel room made absolutely no sense to me I went with it.  Immediately, a safari full of animals started to appear in my mind’s eye; zebras, lions, a monkey.  What in the world is going on?  How is this supposed to be any help to us at the moment? 

This is the time where the Intuitive GPS Game can get derailed!  As answers are sent to us, we sometimes do not know how to interpret them properly.  We might not take them seriously, perhaps get frustrated, call it all off in a cloud of confusion.  In these cases, it is a good idea to act as a detective, ask questions for clarification. 

“What do these animals mean?”, I silently asked.  I cleared my mind and listen for the answer.  A new set of animals appear.  This time there was a bear, a bald eagle, and a wolf.   To me these animals represent America.  “Is the answer ‘America’ ?” I ask.  I start to get excited.  That felt right!!!

I picture myself in a blank universe standing on an empty path.  The path represents the highway we are parked on that lead into Taupo.  I asked if we should be looking ahead of us or turn around and drive back.  I felt a very strong pull forward.

Without further delay I pop my eyes open and announce that the answer is ‘America!  Drive on!’  I assume that we are either looking for an American flag or one of the animals that I have seen in my mind.  Perhaps we will see an American flag with a statue of a lion?  Excited, I had a hard time staying open and started to imagine things which resulted in set expectations.  Uh oh.

We drove the main strip slowly, squinting into the dark to see which flags are flying at each hotel.  Not one American flag!  There was a giant Tui bird statue by one of the accommodations, but that did not seem to fit.  What a disappointment!  My answers felt so right!

Tired and confused we decided to check into the first place that was open.  Most of the places seemed dark and uninviting in the night.  However, I remembered seeing a large, wooden building.  It looked like a giant log cabin in a ski town.  This hotel was completely lit up from every side making it look warm and inviting.  I suggested we try there.  Once we backtracked and pulled into the parking lot I realized that this place was a Quality Inn.  We flew from Canada, across the ocean just to stay in an American chain.  Disappointing.  Oh well, cannot be too picky at this time of the night.  

Inside, we were greeted by a chirpy gentleman at reception.  He chatted with us and showed off the rooms.  The hotel had an African safari theme!  The couches and seats were covered in fake zebra hides, there were monkeys on the pillows and elephants stickers on the phones!  

An American chain hotel with an animal theme.  Yup, we are in the right place!!

Our stay was fantastic and everything we wanted!!


When playing the Intuitive GPS Game it is important to stay open to all possibilities. 
Often the answer does not come in the way that you expect.
Ask questions if confused. 
Do not assume.
Experiment and follow you gut feelings.
If you feel it is right, it probably IS!

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