Monday, 6 October 2014

Letting Go of Blocks Concerning Responsibility to Others

This week, I experienced the letting go of a block relating to how I act towards people who in anyway may depend on me. 

Let us start with the positive.  I always want the very best for anyone that depends on me for any reason at all.  I take responsibility concerning others very seriously.  Too seriously it turns out.  So seriously actually, that I loose a lot of myself in the seriousness of it all.  I tighten up and lose a lot of my fun.  I lose my freeing connection to the Universe by being too concerned with details that may not matter to others as much as to me.  I want everything to be perfect. 

I have been asking for help in this area and my prayers are slowly being answered.  This week, with a few people visiting, I am noticing a lot of subtle thought patterns and physical tightening.  They led me down the path of discovering a different way of relating to people.

When I realized this new way, instead of feeling happy I felt pain, guilt, regret.  How could I have lived in this way?!  It is so unhelpful and counterproductive. 

No point of letting a good thing go sour.  Time to get back up.  I give Gratitude for finally being shown the blocks and being given the opportunity to let old patterns go.  I understand that I was doing the best I could at any given time.  I forgive myself and move on with Love.

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