Saturday, 4 October 2014

Lesson in Duality: Light & Dark

It has been almost a year since my lessons on Duality have started.
This week's lesson came in a form of the following story, then a brief explanation and suggestions.  I am not suggesting this is right (or wrong) for you.  However, I do hope you enjoy the story!

The Man Who Wanted To See All The Good

The Boy was taught from an early age to follow the Light, because it is the Giver of Life and it is Good.  He was taught to stay away from the Dark, as it is Bad.  One day, when the Boy has already grown into a Man he had a thought.  He will stare into the Sun, the Giver of Life, to see All the Good.  Then his life will truly be perfect.

The Man who wanted to see it All stared at the Sun on the brightest day of the year.  He stared even though everyone told him to look away.  He stared and stared.  Minutes.  Hours.  They told him that his eyes will burn in their sockets and he will never see again.  Yet the Man kept looking up all day into the bright ball of fire in the sky.  

As the sun set, the Man finally looked away.  No matter where he looked, all he could see was the bright light of the Sun.  That night, when the Man went to bed and closed his eyes, all he could see was the bright light of the sun.  The next morning, the next week and for many years to come all he could see was the bright light of the sun.  

From that day on he was never in darkness, because he could not see it.  The sun shone into his eyes, no matter what the weather, no matter how high the moon was up in the sky.  The day the Man wanted to see it All and looked up to the Light of the Sun, he did not realize that without the Dark, there would be no Peace for him.  Without Peace, there would be no Rest.   

That is when the Man realized that the Dark is just as important as the Light.  


By going to one side or the other, one becomes imbalanced and unhappy; one cannot grow and cannot be at peace.   

Honour every aspect of yourself.  


The Light and the Dark within you, have been balanced  beautifully to create YOU. 

We live in a world of Duality; therefore, we cannot escape the Light, nor the Dark.  There is Light and Dark within each and every one of us.  Often, we are taught to fight one of them.  When we fight we do not accept.  If we do not accept, there cannot be peace within us.  When we fight we try to be someone else and are not accepting our own being. 

Dark and Light are not good nor bad.  They just Are.  Having the Light and the Dark within us is the way it is meant to be.  This delicately built-in balance is the perfect formula which makes us who we are.  It is when we are imbalanced that things go wrong.    Fear will get in no matter which way we imbalance ourselves.   Hence we will not be living as our true self.

The suggestion is to Stop fighting the “bad”.  Stop reaching for “good”.  Just Be, the way you were meant to be.  The way you were born into this Black and White world.   

Once you stop.  

Once you accept.   

That is when things will truly be balanced.   

And you can live your true life.




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