Sunday, 3 August 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. REVIEW.

These 30 days of painting have proven to be not as long and hard as initially expected.
Mental note:  Expect things to be easy and fun instead!

Day 1.

My intentions were:
To Create Without Judgment.
To leave perfection and criticism behind.
To move towards being artistic while feeling good.
To play and have fun.

Day 30.

Instead of pre-planning my daily paintings and using precise images that I have previously sketched, I slowly switched to painting from whatever entered my reality.  Everything inspired me from a picture, nature or an image in my mind's eye.

Letting go of the Self Critic felt freeing.
One moment thoughts would come to mind like;
     "You can't."
     "That looks terrible."
     "Even a turtle can blend colours better than that."
Then I catch them and let that critical voice go.  The changes are immediate!  Happiness levels go up. Creative energies flow through.  The results in the painting are amazing. And to make everything better the painting comes out faster!

I now work towards applying these skills to not only art by my daily life.
Who needs that Constant Critic anyways?!
I banish thee!

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