Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Who is Causing this Havoc

On a trip to a near by little town for brunch my friends and I stopped by the lake to take photos.

We noticed a couple trying to get a large dog into the back of a pickup truck.  They would open the back door of the truck bed, guide the dog in and close the door.  Moments later the dog would jump right back out onto the street and into traffic.  His tail would wag and he would do a couple of happy circles as if laughing at the couple, before taking off towards the nearest bushes.  We watched, giggling, as this happened a couple of times more before the dog ran away further into the bushes.

I wondered if this was how everyday in this household was like.  It looked like a lot of work.

The couple have obviously had enough and simply walked away.  We quickly understood that this was not their dog.  They must have seen him leaping into traffic and tried to put him back into the truck without much luck.

Animal lovers that we are, we stood watching.  The dog can be seen in the far distance squatting in the bush, doing his doggy business.  He was there for a very long time and we waited.  Once he was done, he galloped back towards his truck.  The back door was closed.  He could not make the jump back in.  He started to panic a bit and backed into traffic.  Here my partner was quick to react.  He ran towards the truck and opened the door to the bed.  A whistle got the dog's attention who happily jump back where he belonged. 

Turns out that this dog was not misbehaving after all!  He just didn't want to soil his human's truck.  He even knew to do his business out of reach of everyone.
It was us who misunderstood.

Petting the dog's head "goodbye" I noticed the name of his collar.


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