Monday, 15 September 2014

Getting Away from FEAR by Breaking Through LIMITS

My last post was about finding Courage.  Those few months that it took me to acquainted myself with Courage taught me a lot about Fear, Self-Set Limits and reaching Love, Peace, Joy.

My Guides told me this story:

Before diving into water one might make sure that the water is deep enough and no obstacles are hiding just below the surface.  When the jump into the water is made there is trust that the water will catch and then spit you back out to the surface, to fresh air.

Sometimes we jump from higher ground than anticipated.  We sink deeper than intended.  We realize that our breath may not be enough to last us.  We start swimming faster up towards the light, the surface.  The closer we get to the surface the more our lung hurt, craving air.  Our lungs start to feel more and more uncomfortable as we reach closer to the top, but this doesn't make us reconsider.

We don't say, "Wait a minute.  Let me try swimming away from the light and see if that makes my lungs feel any better."

We know naturally what to do.  With the help of the water pushing us up we strive towards the surface.  The first gulp of air feel sweet and victorious.

So why do we give up so easily when it comes to our Fears?

Often we are drowning in our Fears.  Sometimes the closer we get to penetrating our Limiting Beliefs and shedding our Fears for good, the more we resist and try to swim towards the bottom instead.  We swim deeper into the Fear.

You will know you are coming close to swimming out of Fear when it becomes almost impossible to hold on!  Commit and strive to get out of it.  Let the Universe support your ascend into the sunshine of Love, Joy and Peace.

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