Saturday, 13 September 2014

Super Power of an Empath

My Super Power

Which super power did you want to have as a kid?

Which super power would you want to have today?

Flying?  Xray Vision?  Shooting lasers out of your eyeballs?

As a little kid, the power I most often dreamed of was the ability for my conscious to step into someone else.  I wanted to be able to experience the world completely from another person's perspective; their thoughts, their feelings, their wishes...... everything.

Whenever I would find someone who was interesting to me I would put my energy into them.  I would concentrate on their movements and imagine what it must be like for them at that moment in time.  This was such a fun hobby that this game continued on as I grew.  I played so often that eventually it just turned into an invisible pattern that ran automatically behind the scenes for almost every single person that came into my life.

My ability to pick up other people's energy enable me to successfully stay away from those who could potentially hurt me.  In high school and college, I was able to avoid boy trouble, bad bosses and nasty teachers.  Friends would ask me how I knew, but to me it was natural and I wonder how they didn't know.

My ability to quickly pick up on other people's feelings would result in others trusting me with their secrets and their challenges. Often my suggestions would be helpful to those who entrusted me with their personal stories, but always I was the one to help other be heard.

Today I know that my guide to how I associated with people was the first impression of their energy field.  However, growing up I had absolutely no idea of this.  At parties, I would slip in unnoticed, observe people around me, see where the "safe" people are and move towards them.  If someone who was having a bad day would come in contact with me, I would get very uncomfortable, put up a wall and put them on my 'no good' list immediately.  My super power was not 100% accurate, and I did not understand that back then.

This February, brought with it the gift of understanding.  For no particular reason, I got super sensitive to everyone!  Every time I would get into a certain range of a person, their feelings would jump over to me and I felt taken over by their emotions.  Going grocery shopping was an adventure on its own with so many people in the vegetable isle.  It was like being in the middle of a sic fi movie.

My emotions were all over the map, depending who's presence I was graced with.  It was exhausting and exhilarating.  To be truly honest, this did made me question my sanity a bit. 

Luckily during that time, I was working in a serene setting with not too many people around me most of the time.  My coworkers were my unknowing guinea pigs.  To them I am grateful!!  Sometimes I would feel so guilty for spying on their private emotions that I could not bring myself to look at them.  However, after grounding, blocking, praying and grounding some more I could not change what was happening and had to ride it out.

Today my emotions are back to "normal" levels.  Out of that experience the realization that the super power that I wanted as a kid did become reality for me to a certain degree.  For the most part now, I have a choice whether or not I want to step into somebody's energy field.  This gives me time to ask permission and get to know a person the way they want to be know.

I am so thankful for this fun super power and am learning more about what being an Empath might hold for me in the future.

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