Sunday, 14 September 2014

Talking with the Full Moon and Finding Courage.

The story towards Courage started on a grand swing bridge in the middle of New Zealand rainforest on February 15, 2014.  I was sitting bundled up in the middle of the bridge, on a bizarrely still night.  A tea candle was holding space with me.  Above hung a beautiful, Leo full moon shinning down on the forest.

Leo is my zodiac sign, and hearing of this full moon I ventured out into the forest to ask for guidance and see what happens.  My life was about to undertake yet another major change and I wanted to make sure that this was right, that all will be ok.

I prayed to the Moon, the Universe, my guides.  I sat in silence, watching the moon and the dark around it.  I laid down waiting for the answer.
And it came!  Out of nowhere  it actually came!

All of a sudden a voice in my head said, 

"If you were a character in the Wizard of Oz, you would be the Lion."   


Immediately, I found that funny.  Of course I would be a lion.  I am a Leo after all.  And here I was sitting under the Leo Full Moon.  Then it hit me.  The Lion in the Wizard of Oz went on that journey to find Courage.
Is this what you are trying to tell me Moon?

Am on a journey to find Courage?

The answer came as a clear, "YES".  There was a timeline.  I will need to find my Courage in 3 months, starting in March, ending in June 2014.

Now I was getting nervous.  In order to to find Courage, won't I need to experience Fear?  This didn't sound like everything was going to be all right.  This sounded more like everything is going to be terrifying.  Yet, the magic and beauty of that night gave me so much support and confidnce that I found myself yelling into the darkness,

"Bring it on!"

So it began.  In March, I arrived back in Canada with a bit of savings and a strong desire to live in a town I have only previously vacationed in.  I followed what felt to be all the cues.  Yet, money was becoming scarce, permanent accommodation hard to find and work looked almost impossible.  My partner and I lived unknowing of what was going to happen from day to day.  We feared about having nowhere to go soon and nothing to eat.  The only hope that kept me going was that the Universe had a great lesson to teach me and that this experience was coming to an end in June.

The Universe delivered!!!

Every time we were completely stuck, somehow a lifeline would appear to make us go on for another few days.  After a while we had to give up on worrying, because this attitude was not helping at all.  We summoned our Courage.  We kept following the signs, praying and waiting for the little miracles to appear and get us through to the next day.

By the end of May 2014, we found a great place to live and I got a job!  We started June in our new suite with a pay cheque.  It was another miracle!

These 3 months tore everything I thought about myself to pieces.  They changed me to be a more understanding and loving person.  They humbled me and taught me how to look at the world around me with fresh eyes.  They taught me how to be brave.

This is when I found my Courage.

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