Sunday, 13 July 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. DAY 13.

Dream Catching

Another quick, fun one since it's a work day.

This one is inspired by last nights Super Moon , the full moon.  

Dreams from the Moon

This year I waited until 10pm to see the moon before passing out exhausted in bed.  Living on a hill, in a valley surrounded by mountains, 10pm seemed like the wrong time to watch for the moon.  It might have not yet traveled over the mountains to a higher spot in the sky.  So I went to bed without seeing it.  Before falling asleep I apologized for missing the Moon and asked if she could send me her messages through my dreams.

My first dream was of walking down a dark path and all of a sudden saw a beautiful, full moon rise over the horizon right in front of me.  In the dream I remember thinking, "Oh there your are."

My second dream was less about what happened and more about the feeling of it.  I felt like everything I attempted to do turned out smoothly and perfectly.  I had the knowledge and confidence that anything I want will work out beautifully.  This dream had absolutely no fear in it.  It was a beautiful and powerful feeling.  I woke up feeling confident and happy.

This second dream has been the opposite of my experience in the last couple of years.  While many wonderful, magickal things have been occurring in my life during this time I have often felt blocked from accomplishing anything in the physical world.  Instead I have been putting a lot of energy, time and attention towards growing my inner self and that has so far been a very positive yet intense experience.

I thanked the Moon for giving me the Power of Success this night.  The phrase "Over Night Success" came to mind.  I feel like this might be an invitation to start balancing my inner life with my physical world.  So excited to play with my new power.

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