Friday, 11 July 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. DAY 11. with Invisible Friends.

The Fox

First there was a baby Chic, then appeared the Fox and then a Duckling.  These 3 were my very first friends in life.  We played, shared stories and they gave me advise.  We went everywhere together.  If by chance I would forget my Chick or Fox at home, I had to turn around and walk back to get them.  My poor mom had to oblige to these demands in order to avoid a tantrum. 

By the time I hit 4 and 5 years of age I was slowly introduced to the idea that my best friends were "imaginary".  Imaginary!  Apparently no one else could see them and my family were all pretending for my creative benefit.  What nonsense, I thought.  

As kindergarten came into my life so did new (human) children whom I eagerly befriended.  My animal friends had to compete for my time and attention now.  This did make me feel guilty for some time, but eventually they just stopped appearing.  They turned into a story of "Once, as a kid I had imaginary friends".

Thirty years later, at a cross roads in life, I ended up a proud adoptive human for 3 rabbits.  I did not realize that at the time but they came into my life as a representation of Fear.  I was starting on a major self-growth spurt which often included looking at and overcoming my fears.  As a part of this process I needed to learn to meditate.  In one of these meditations, I broke through some invisible barrier to find a very excited Fox running towards me.  My old friend from childhood, all grown up as well!!!  Fox appeared with excitement, happiness and a promise of a magic future.  I could see Fox's every movement so clearly in my mind's eye!

It didn't take us long to reconnect and from then on Fox was always there when I needed help.  In the physical world, Fox's presents manifested itself everywhere around me.  I saw the image of a fox everywhere; stickers, cartoons, t-shirts, book... you name it! 

For two years my old friend helped me learn about myself and my place in the world beyond the physical.  As a tribute I wore a necklace of a fox around my neck as we worked together.  I learned how to move between the worlds that surround me more smoothly and with less fear.  As the Fears subsided Happiness flowed in to fill the empty spaces.

 I owe a lot to my imaginary friend!

Today's piece has a slight Photoshop cheat in it.  I only painted 3 bunnies and copied the same ones onto the other side so they can be even.

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