Friday, 18 July 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. DAY 18. Road Blocks.

Block in a Being

This is my current understanding of a person's energy field.  

There are many roadways that lead into the nucleus of the energy field.  Every roadway is responsible for an aspect of this person's life; love, relationships, career, money, spiritual purpose........  There are so many of these roadways it is almost impossible to count.  Sometimes the roadways get blocked.  A block can be cause by a negative event in one's life.  For example, a teacher making a negative remark about a child's singing voice may cause a blockage in this child's roadway of  Music.  From then on, energy will flow slower through that roadway and the child's experience with music may not be developed to its full potential as he or she grows.

Some roadblocks can catch other negative fragments as they come into a person's life.  The initial block and the fragments can get overwhelming huge to a the point of shutting off energy flow completely.  This can take a very long time, but eventually if not properly unblocked, the roadway will shatter.  Loosing a roadway is like loosing a limb.  A person can adapt to function without it, but not as well as with it.  This is life altering stuff here.    

The good news is that fragments can be uncluttered, blocks can be cleared.  Even roadways can get reconstructed!  Anyone can have their energy flow restore with a bit of internal cleaning.

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