Wednesday, 16 July 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. DAY 16.

A quote from The Inspired Heart, by Jerry Wennstrom.

This is one of my very favorite books, which inspires and motivates me to keep trusting in the Universe no matter what is happening.  Jerry describes his personal and artistic adventures as he leaves behind his old-self and transforms his being into something more true to himself.

I have the audiobook version and often listen to it as I paint.  

The book came to me through my partner, one summer, a few months before I got really ill.  I listened to this book while doing a large painting that split before 3 canvases.  So much of the book resonated with me, despite the fact that I could not fully grasp all of his experiences.  Part of me yearned to experience this type of life altering adventure and the other part was terrified about surviving even 5% of what Jerry went through.

For two years, I often thought of Jerry when I felt like life has abandoned me crawling through a scorching desert without hope of an end or water.  Just the thought of his story gave me new strength.  This summer, armed with paint and canvases again, I am re-listening to the book.  To my surprise, it is almost like a brand new book!  His stories are touching me in a different way.  I understand through my heart so much more of the lessons he is trying to share with his readers.  The above quote is something I never noticed the first time around, but today it jumps out at me like a grasshopper out of grass.

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